The PAC consists of volunteer graduate families and hospital staff with the goal of serving as an advisory and supportive resource to the NICU staff and the current NICU families. Providing an additional family voice in the NICU and supporting families during hospitalization are core values of the council.

The NICU Parent Advisory Council has many opportunities and is currently looking for new families to join our wonderful council to serve in a variety of ways.

We have multiple membership levels to help you find the perfect fit for you.
Level 1: members are invited to participate in activities outside the NICU which include fundraising events, annual reunion, public events, and any other event or activity the PAC needs your help with. There are no minimum service requirements.

Level 2: Members serve directly on the PAC, attend monthly meetings, and activities outside of the NICU. Level 2 members serve on the PAC to help make decisions, plan activities, and give valuable NICU experience feedback.

Level 3: Members serve directly on the PAC, attend monthly meetings and are involved in all PAC activities. This may include leadership roles or Parent-to-Parent support inside the NICU. Level 3 members receive NICU & Support training, pass a TB test and background check.

Not sure which level is right for you? Contact us and we can discuss in more detail which fit is perfect for you. As long as you’ve had a baby or family member inside WMC NICU we have a place for you.